Only at the Y

There's a unique combination at the Valley Points Family YMCA. It's a place where generations gather together. Seniors socialize alongside toddlers splashing and learning new skills. The Y offers everything from water activities and fitness equipment to healthy living classes for people of all ages. At the Y, your membership means more!

We know first-hand how difficult it can be to find balance in life.That's why we're here for you every day, making sure that you, your family and your community have the resources and support needed to learn, grow and thrive.

With a focus on developing the potential of kids, improving health and well-being, and giving back and supporting our neighbors, your membership will not just bring about meaningful change in yourself, but in your community too. With a mission centered on programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all, the Y brings families closer together, encourages good health, and fosters connections with new and old friends through exercise, sports, fun and shared interests.

Find our more today by visiting either the Kiski Valley Branch or the New Kensington Branch and experience how we empower our members to be more healthy and connected!



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